Welcome to LNS Services, your Design-Build Contractor

We are a design-build contractor located in Burnaby, B.C that provides engineering, project management and construction services to industrial and commercial sectors throughout British Columbia and Western Canada. We specialize in materials handling, manufacturing, forestry and many other industrial processes. LNS has lead the construction industry in safety, service, innovation, and quality of workmanship for over 30 years.

Our engineers work with you to translate your design ideas into reality. We combine state of the art engineering tools with creative, innovative and systematic problem solving techniques to develop efficient construction designs, methodologies and work plans that save you money and provide measurable returns on your investment. In addition to developing engineering and construction solutions, LNS also offers a wide range of consulting services.

Our dynamic and efficient team of project managers, supervisors and tradespeople are professionally trained and certified. Their skill-set and experience are complimented by our disciplined approach to project management which ensures every project is completed as scheduled.

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LNS partners with our clients to achieve an outstanding safety performance. Our approach ensures a high level of productivity while reducing costs and ensuring every project is completed on schedule.

At LNS, safety is not just the responsibility of management, but is owned by all LNS employees.