Our Team

Our dynamic team of project managers, engineers and trades-people are professionally trained and certified. Their technical skills are augmented by a disciplined approach to project management that ensures all engineering and construction services are delivered as budgeted and scheduled. Our skilled specialists use creative, innovative and systematic problem solving techniques to develop efficient construction designs, methodology and work plans that save our customers money and provide measurable returns on their investment.

Customer service is the most important aspect of our business. We take pride in our track record of successfully completed projects and satisfied customers. If you require advice, clarification or any additional information about a product or service we offer please give us a call or email one of the representatives listed below:

Michael Radcliffe, P. Eng.
VP / General Manager

Michael is a professional engineer with over 30 years of experience in all aspects of LNS' business operations including engineering, project management, construction, commissioning, performance assurance, business development, finance and strategic planning. He has held the position of Vice President / General Manager of LNS Services since 2013. Prior to joining LNS, he held the position of Operations Manager, Mining and Metals for AMEC Vancouver, the largest engineering and project management firm in British Columbia.

Fin Brassil
Project Manager / Estimator

Fin is an engineer with over 5 years of experience in engineering and management of civil and mechanical construction projects in bulk materials handling.  His knowledge and experience with construction management techniques as well as his ability to manage field employees with diverse backgrounds ensures LNS' projects run smoothly and on schedule.

Ali Hussain, P. Eng.
Project Manager

Ali is a professional engineer with over 9 years of experience managing complex and time sensitive industrial projects. He works closely with LNS' clients to clearly define the scope, goals and deliverables of every project. His attention to detail and effective leadership ensures projects are delivered according to schedule, budget and specification requirements. Ali has a strong work ethic and unique ability to develop strong working relationships with every member of the team.

Zonghe Chua
Project Engineer

Mr. Chua possesses over 4 years of experience with mechanical engineering and creating innovative solutions for various projects in materials handling. Mr. Chua has worked on multiple shutdowns at various plants and terminals and can make certain equipment is installed and back in service within the specified windows. His past role in the maintenance department at one of North Vancouver’s busiest port terminals has developed Mr. Chua’s understanding of urgency and practicality when completing construction projects. 

Devon Smith
Project Engineer / Lock N' Safe Manager

Mr. Smith has over 4 years of experience in assisting with engineering and management activities related to construction projects in materials handling and industrial sectors. Mr. Smith’s dedication to learning and understanding every facet of a project has made him a valuable asset to LNS.

Alan Walsh
Project Engineer

Mr. Walsh is a hard working engineer who excels at adapting to new work environments and changing conditions during construction projects. While employed with LNS, Mr. Walsh has successfully coordinated construction activities while interfacing with client representatives, field employees and sub-contractors. Mr. Walsh is a valuable LNS employee with 3 years of experience delivering on engineering and project management requirements.

Carlos Zumino
Project Engineer

Mr. Zumino is a proficient engineer that stands out for his inventive solutions on-site. Mr. Zumino's experience in project management and mechanical systems design has made him a valued member to LNS. 

Dean Berigan
Project Engineer

Mr. Berigan has over 2 years of experience engineering cost effective and innovative solutions for various types of projects. His talents and balanced approach while working with all individuals, make him an essensial team member on projects under tight schedule contraints.